Global Shop 2015.3 Update

Update Schedule for: April 10th, 2016
Update Rescheduled for: April 24th, 2016

This update should be pretty minor. Majority of the changes are back end programming improvements. Below is a list of the major changes that could potentially affect your experience with the GSS software.

Major Changes:
  1. Core .NET Releases for menus in:
    1. accounts payable
    2. General Ledger
    3. Inventory
    4. On Line System
    5. Order Entry
    6. Payroll
    7. Quality
    8. Sales Analysis
    9. Shop Floor Control
    10. System Support.
  2. On-Line Update Widget and Watchdog
    1. If running on the server the Watchdog program insures On-Line Update is running continuously. If Watchdog is unable to recover On-Line Update it emails the system administrator of the issue.
  3. Credit card gateway improvements
    1. improvements have been made to the GSS E-Payment program.
    2. We don’t currently use this but it allows GSS to process Credit Card transactions.
  4. CRM speed improvements
    1. GSS has been developing the customer relations module rather extensively over the last year.
    2. We don’y use this feature but this release comes with improved speed improvements.
  5. Process Documentation and Training (PDT)
    1. GSS has released a new feature where one can record GSS processes to help standardize training process.
    2. We don’t currently use this feature.
  6. Version Management System
    1. GSS has released a new feature that allows its users to control document changes through a check out system.
    2. Basically if someone has the document checked out no one else can access it.
    3. Through this feature it is also possible to set security on different files so only certain users can see certain things.